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Photo Toxic / Sun Sensitizing Essential Oils

Spring is officially here which means there is no better time to discuss photo toxic essential oils.⁠Some oils - mainly citrus oils, contain biochemical constituents that can cause a skin reaction under exposure to UV rays. These oils are known as 'photo toxic' meaning they can create a photo sensitive reaction on the skin. These reactions are mainly seen as hyper-pigmentation (dark patches) on the skin and in more severe cases, actual burns. Essentially these oils can make skin very sensitive to UV rays. ⁠⁠Photo sensitivity is only an issue when applying photo toxic essential oils topically on the skin. It does not apply if you are using these oils for inhalation purposes, in a shower gel or using them at night. If...

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DIY RECIPES: Body Oils & Bath Blends

  For centuries, essential oils have been cherished for their healing and nurturing qualities, deeply rooted in ancient beauty practices. My passion lies in crafting luxurious blends of essential oils with skin-nourishing carrier oils and salts. These creations, whether in the form of body oils, massage oils, or salt bath blends, serve as potent tools for self-care. Harnessing the wisdom and healing properties of plants, they offer a holistic experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. Here are some of my favourite bath and body care recipes that I have been using the years:        

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Essential Oil Profile - Frankincense

Native to North Africa and Oman, Frankincense essential oil begins life as a resin that oozes out of damaged bark. The ancient Egyptians used this resin as incense, a preservative in the embalming process, a perfume, a cosmetic ingredient and an offering to the gods. The essential oil retains the sweet notes of the resin, with a hint of body and texture.    Fruit feature  Tall shrub with papery bark Part of the fruit used for essential oil Resin Extraction method Steam distillation   Safety Frankincense is gentle oil. It is non toxic, non irritating and non senisitizing so is safe for all skin types.   Chakra & Crystal Crown and Base Amethyst, purple-dyed Agate, Jasper, Kyanite, Red Tigers Eye   ...

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Using Nature As Our Antidote

  Humans have been using the healing power of plant remedies since time began. In ancient times plants were used to heal wounds, clear odours, embalm bodies, decorate houses, heal physical and mental ailments and so much more. Whenever a thing, a person, or possession needed healing, plant remedies were used. Frankincense was burned in ceremonies for grounding and connection. Sage, Rosemary and Cedarwood were used to purify the air and rid of heavy energy. Myrrh was applied to wounds for healing, and other resins and barks were placed around homes and stables for protection. Life was simple, plants were consumed and connection was at the heart of living.  Things are so very different in our modern day world. We...

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Using Aromatherapy For Self Care

Self care is taking deliberate action to looking after our physical, mental and emotional health. Taking care of ourselves is not selfish; we all need time-out occasionally to recharge and replenish. Self care teaches us ways to take time for ourselves, build up self esteem, and maintain healthy boundaries in order to keep ourselves mentally and physically well. Any action which is for the greater good of your physical, mental and emotional health. It can be going for a walk, reading a book, taking a nap, instilling boundaries, journalling, prayer, meditation, calling a friend, alone time or exercise.  How To Incorporate Aromatherapy Into Your Self Care Practice? If you own an essential oil or two then adding the incredible benefits...

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