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Custom Made Essential Oil Blends

Do you have a particular scent or blend in mind? Would you like to have a signature aromatherapy blend formulated by Amy for your specific needs or for an event? 

This is a perfect option if:⁠

* You have a particular scent or blend in mind⁠
* You'd like to make an aromatherapy blend to gift to someone⁠
* You'd like a custom essential oil perfume⁠
* You are having a party, event or wedding and you'd like a custom scent⁠

Each blend is handmade upon order and you can choose from an aromatherapy spray, face or body oil, massage oil, roll-on blend, perfume or candle.⁠ We keep all customer recipes on file so we can replicate your custom blend, at any time. This makes re-ordering easy and convenient. Keep in mind, since we formulate everything by hand, occasionally an extra drop may fall into your bottle, hence the scent may be slightly different.