The Luna Rose Consulting Clinic


The Luna Rose Consulting Clinic is now open and taking appointments for 2021.



* Please note due to the current restrictions all consultation appointments will be carried out online via video call, Skype or Zoom until further notice. 


Amy offers a wide variety of services including: Personal Consultations, Custom Blending Options, Commercial Consultations and Formulations, Workshops and Essential Oil Training. To check out all of our offerings, click here.

Commercial Consultation & Formulations

As an experienced Certified Aromatherapist, product developer and educator Amy has collaborated with a wide range of companies. From emerging skin and body care entrepreneurs to already established wellness brands and spas, Amy has led, developed and help formulate both scents and skin and body care products.

Aromatherapy Health & Well-Being Consultations

This is a great option is you a specific physical or mental health issue or concern.

Personal Consultation Includes:
1) A 45 minute session (in person, via phone or video zoom session) where we will discuss your health history, specific challenges you are facing, and your overall wellness goals. Together we will pinpoint focus areas affecting your overall well-being as a basis for your wellness plan.
2) Create a custom aromatherapy remedy (optional) and wellness plan to support your physical, mental and emotional well-being. We discuss routine, tools and mindful practices, along with effective methods of using a custom remedy blend. 
3) A write up is emailed to you after our session together along with 

specific advice with regard to your question/problem and recommended resources for further information, resources and tools (if applicable). 


To book a service, click here.