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Chakra Gemstone Kit

If you are interested in balancing the Chakra system through crystal healing, this Chakra gemstone set is a great place to start. 

Each drawstring pouch contains seven stones, each reflecting one of the seven major Chakra's. The colour of the stone and its unique healing ability has been carefully studied and selected. An information booklet on each stone and what it represents is also included.

Each Gemstone has been infused with Reiki healing energy by Amy.

Gemstones included: 


Quartz Crystal - Crown Chakra 

Connects us to our spiritual self, bringing guidance, wisdom and creativity. Purifies our thoughts and feelings, giving us inspiration.

Amethyst - Brow Chakra

Connects us to our unconscious self, heightening our imagination, understanding and intuitiveness. Helps to remove anxieties and fear. 

Sodalite - Throat Chakra

Connects us to the expression of the universal truth, reinforcing communication. Ideal for reducing stress and helps to ease the hormonal system. 

Aventurine - Heart Chakra 

Connects us to our unconditional love bringing harmony, forgiveness, sincerity and compassion. Cleanses and balances our energy. 

Citrine - Solar Plexus Chakra

Connects us to our mental self, improving thought clarity, learning, confidence and self-esteem. Helps with mental fatigue and memory. 

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra

Connects us to our emotional self, enriching intimate feelings and relationships. Helps remove inhibitions and strengthens our appetite for life!

Red Tiger's Eye - Root Chakra 

Connects us to our physical self, enhancing the body's health, inner strength, courage and vitality. Tiger's eye is known for it's grounding properties. 

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