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Amy is a Holistic Well-Being Practitioner, Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioner with over 18 years of experience in the Health & Wellness industry. She is the founder and remedy maker behind Luna Rose Remedies, a small Canadian-grown business that offers a variety of healing modalities as well as handmade and heartfelt Aromatherapy products.

Amy’s passion and purpose is to improve a person’s health, on all levels. She supports her clients emotionally, mentally and physically on their wellness journey through a wide variety of holistic face and body treatments such as Aroma Massage, energy work and custom made essential oil blend.
Amy began her journey into Holistic Therapy and plant-based medicine after years of suffering with anxiety and other health related issues such as digestive complaints, skin issues and insomnia. After years of taking conventional medicine with no improvement, she decided to experiment in alternative forms of medicine. She spent time connecting to her physical body through yoga and gentle movement, implemented changes to her diet and lifestyle and set new boundaries for well-being. She dedicated time to meditation and regular energy work and made her own Aromatherapy remedies to help heal her skin, gut and give her a sense of peace and calm.
Amy’s work is a unique combination of subtle Aromatherapy, Reiki healing and gentle body work which caters to unify the needs of her clients on all levels. She holds a PGCE in Teaching and Education and is accredited with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapist. Her training also includes studying under Reiki Master Clare Russell who is 10th in line of Usui Reiki System. Amy also attended the Aukana Trust - Inner House of Tranquillity Monastery in Wiltshire, UK to study the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and meditation.