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Essential Oil Profile - Frankincense

Native to North Africa and Oman, Frankincense essential oil begins life as a resin that oozes out of damaged bark. The ancient Egyptians used this resin as incense, a preservative in the embalming process, a perfume, a cosmetic ingredient and an offering to the gods. The essential oil retains the sweet notes of the resin, with a hint of body and texture. 
Fruit feature 
Tall shrub with papery bark
Part of the fruit used for essential oil
Extraction method
Steam distillation
Frankincense is gentle oil. It is non toxic, non irritating and non senisitizing so is safe for all skin types.
Chakra & Crystal
Crown and Base
Amethyst, purple-dyed Agate, Jasper, Kyanite, Red Tigers Eye 
Mind and spirit
Frankincense is a very sacred oil and is excellent to use and/or diffuse during meditation as it helps to deepen your connection to your spiritual body. It brings peace and inner calm and will help anchor the energies of the lower chakras, as well as opening the crown chakra.
Frankincense is great for all respiratory concerns. It works well to open the airways and helps with recovery from pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, sinus congestion a and similar ailments. This oil is extremely skin healing and is excellent to help heal scars, tissue damage, dry cracked skin, irritation and ageing skin.
Frankincense is one of my favourite grounding oils. How do you like to use this oil?