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Using Nature As Our Antidote


Humans have been using the healing power of plant remedies since time began. In ancient times plants were used to heal wounds, clear odours, embalm bodies, decorate houses, heal physical and mental ailments and so much more. Whenever a thing, a person, or possession needed healing, plant remedies were used.
Frankincense was burned in ceremonies for grounding and connection. Sage, Rosemary and Cedarwood were used to purify the air and rid of heavy energy. Myrrh was applied to wounds for healing, and other resins and barks were placed around homes and stables for protection. Life was simple, plants were consumed and connection was at the heart of living. 
Things are so very different in our modern day world. We are very attached to the concept of success, busyness, appearance and the opinions of others. Whilst trying to keep up with modern day society we have become so disconnected and as a result we are incredibly burned out and stressed. We rely so heavily on external factors to bring us joy and also calm our nerves - alcohol, drugs and social media to name a few; but what if we scaled back to basics? What if we utilized the healing power of nature instead. How different would our lives be? 
The thing is, nature is the best antidote to stress. Walking in nature calms our nervous system and grounds our energy. Bathing in the sunshine (safely) does wonders for uplifting our mood and releasing endorphins. Plant remedies can also support us through waves of emotional and mental tension. There is so much healing available to us in plants, trees, leaves, bark and roots. Citrus essential oils have an uplifting effect on our mood. Tree resins and oils such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood and Pine have a grounding effect on our energy and can offer relief in times of overwhelm and hysteria. 
Nature holds such sacred healing. It is time to stop reading the news and start to heal our heavy heart. It is time to move away from seeking external validation and start connecting back to ourselves. It is time to absorb the wisdom from the land. This knowledge and way of living has been hiding in dusty corners and placed on forgotten shelves for centuries. Nature and plant remedies are the way our ancestors healed, let’s listen to their wisdom. 

Find peace in the chaos, whenever and however you can.