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Using Aromatherapy For Self Care

Self care is taking deliberate action to looking after our physical, mental and emotional health. Taking care of ourselves is not selfish; we all need time-out occasionally to recharge and replenish.

Self care teaches us ways to take time for ourselves, build up self esteem, and maintain healthy boundaries in order to keep ourselves mentally and physically well. Any action which is for the greater good of your physical, mental and emotional health. It can be going for a walk, reading a book, taking a nap, instilling boundaries, journalling, prayer, meditation, calling a friend, alone time or exercise. 

How To Incorporate Aromatherapy Into Your Self Care Practice?

If you own an essential oil or two then adding the incredible benefits of scent into your self care practice is very easy. Here are a few easy and simple ways:


Using Aromatherapy in combination with massage will enhance the benefits and take the experience to a whole new level. Simply add a few drops of your favourite relaxing essential oil such as Lavender, Sweet Orange or Cedarwood to 10-15ml of carrier oil. 


Aromatherapy has been used as part of spiritual practices and rituals for thousands of years. Frankincense and Cedarwood being amongst some of the oldest traditionally used scents for meditation and cleansing rituals. I love to diffuse a few drops of frankincense and Sage when meditating or practicing Yoga. I find the scents incredibly powerful for allowing my entire body to feel cleansed and grounded. 

Face and Body care

Another great way to incorporate aromatherapy into your self care in by simply adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your body lotion, oil or face cream. Remember to stick within safe dilution rates (charts below). For Face care it is advised to dilute to 2%. 


When I add essential oils and salts to my bath I am always taken to another place. While self care isn't all about hot baths and face masks, there something so incredibly healing about being submerged in a warm bath with salts and beautiful oils. 

Never use neat oils in your bath water - remember oil and water do not mix! Add a 5-6 drops of a relaxing, grounding oil such as Cedarwood, Bergamot or Marjoram with 5ml of carrier oil and a half a cup of your favourite salts (Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan, Epsom). 

If you'd like to learn more about how to use Aromatherapy for self care Amy has written an eBook packed full of educational information, top recipes and blends, as well as a variety of ideas and inspiration. You can download your copy here for just $3.99 (less than a coffee!)