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Using Aromatherapy To Support Back To School Transition

Some view heading back to school as an exciting and inspiring time of the year, while for others it can be filled with dread and fear. This year is particularly challenging - not only for our young ones, but for Teachers, Lecturers and school staff too. Things will look a little different this school year, and with change can come feelings of unease, fear and overwhelm.

Aromatherapy is the medicine of the land and works incredibly well in challenging and stressful situations. Essential oils can help to ease anxious feelings and worrisome thoughts and encourage calmness when overwhelm strikes. It brings a deeper connection to ourselves and allows for a new, brighter perception in any given situation.

Here are some suggestions on how you can use aromatherapy to help with back to school transition:

Aromatherapy Spray

A great way to experience the benefits of plant remedies in a super easy and convenient way. Aromatherapy sprays can be purchased in a small bottle to fit nicely into your purse and/or backpack. Simply mist over face and body and inhale the scent.

Aromatherapy Inhaler

I always keep an aroma inhaler on hand everywhere I go. An inhaler is another very quick and simple way to receive the benefits of Aromatherapy. I like to practice box breathing while swiping the inhaler under my nose. 


Aromatherapy Jewellery

Who doesn't love pretty jewellery? Aromatherapy jewellery is designed using crystals and lava beads. The lava beads absorb drops of essential oils which gently release the scent. You can mix and match essential oils you drop onto the lava beads. The scent tends to evaporate within a day of use. A beautiful and subtle way to receive and enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy.


Essential Oils For Transition and Change

Please note all essential oils mentioned are safe to use on children aged 3 years and up. From ages 3-10 years dilute to 0.5-1%. Children over 10 years old can dilute to 2-3%.


Sweet Orange - all children love the scent of orange. It is a gentle, calming and uplifting oil. 

Lavender - great for sleep, stress and anxiety. 

Roman Chamomile - a wonderful gentle oil to use for tummy issues and nervousness.

Frankincense - a great oil for calming, anxiety, panic, overstimulated and trouble falling asleep. 

Lemon - a vibrant and uplifting oil. Lemon is considered the motivator of essential oils. 

Lime - a zesty energising oil. Soothing to emotions. Blends well with Lavender to make a beautiful uplifting blend. 

Mandarin - The most gentle oil to use on children. Mandarin is good for just about an anything. It is a uplifting, cheerful, soothing oil. Blends very well with Frankincense, Neroli and Lavender. 

Neroli - an exquisite calming oil. Great to use for sleep, nervousness, irritability, anxiety and over stimulation. 

Copaiba Balsam - a great oil to use to help calm a busy mind, tummy aches and first signs of a cough or colds. 

Myrrh  a gentle, calming and grounding oil.  


Amy offers unique custom blending options that are a great choice if you wanted a particular remedy made especially for you. Amy formulates all blends herself using 16 years worth of knowledge and wisdom for healing plant remedies. If you'd like to discuss having Amy formulate a personalized blend for you and/or a loved one don't hesitate to reach out and discuss your ideas.