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Freshen Up Your Face Mask With Luna Rose Aromatherapy Sprays

If I had told you a year ago we'd all be wearing masks inside public places in 2020, would you have believed me? Yet, here we are! 

I have been asked many times if Luna Rose retails a 'mask' spray. While we do not retail a specific spray for masks, all of the Luna Rose Aromatherapy sprays can be used to freshen up your mask in between washes and throughout the day. These sprays are seriously versatile!

The added bonus is you'll also be receiving the wonderful uplifting and calming benefits of these aromatic remedies too. Win-Win! 

How To Use:

* Simply mist the inside and outside of your mask

* Our mists are water based therefore I'd recommend allowing them to dry for around 10 seconds before putting your mask on. 

* Enjoy a refreshed mask and the wonderful aromatic scents. 

Check out this Reel on our Instagram page to watch Amy mist her Mask using Rise Up Aromatherapy Spray.

 Are Essential Oils Safe To Use On/Inside Face Masks?

This is something I have seen many people recommend. While I can see the benefit of applying an essential oil to your mask, it is not advised. Inhaling essential oils without proper ventilation may result in over stimulation to the senses which could cause adverse effects such as headache, irritation to the mucous membrane and irritation to the skin (neat oil should never be applied directly onto the skin).

Water based aromatherapy sprays and hydrosols are much safer to use and will provide the same benefits as using an essential oil.  

Check out our Luna Rose Remedies Aromatherapy Spray collection in our online store.