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Essential Oils and The Chakra System

Working with essential oils and crystals that influence the chakra system is one of the major components of Subtle Aromatherapy and a big part of the work I do as an Aromatherapist.


The word ‘Chakra’ is Sanskrit, meaning ‘wheel’. These wheels of energy are constantly spinning in one direction or another – the direction they are spinning tells us a lot about the state of the Chakra. There are many Chakras situated throughout the body – hundreds in fact, though for the purpose of working energetically with them using essential oils and crystals, we tend to work with the main ones which are located along the midline, hands and feet.

Each Chakra is associated with a particular element, colour, sound, shape, crystal and essential oil, according to its unique vibration. In this blog post we will discuss each Chakra and its representing essential oil and crystal. This information will help you to identify which oils and crystals to use when working with certain Chakras. 


Base Chakra

The focus of this Chakra is physical survival, basic necessities such as food, drink and safety. When this Chakra is in balance we feel supported, grounded and safe. It also supports all higher activities as we connect to Earth’s energy through our base Chakra. We must first feel safe and supported to enable healing in the other Chakras.

Essential oils for the Base Chakra

Essential oils that resonate with the base Chakra are generally those which are calming, grounding and centring.

Myrrh –  Dark reddish - brown in colour with a subtle smoky smell to it. Myrhh is a deeply grounding oil which energising effects which is excellent for a depleted base Chakra.

Patchouli – One of my favourite essential oils! Also dark - brown in colour with an earthy aroma. Patchouli is one of the most effective grounding oils and very good for an overactive/chaotic base Chakra. One drop of Patchouli on your feet before bed (with a little carrier oil) will help to calm the mind and body for a restful sleep.

Frankincense – Very similar to Myrhh. An ancient oil that has been used for meditation rituals for years. This is a wonderful oil to diffuse before and during mediation to help calm and relax the mind. It will also does well to purify the air and remove built up heavy energies in a room. Frankincense resonates with the base and crown Chakra, therefore it will help to balance both.

Vetiver -  Another deep brown oil with a strong earthy aroma. Vetiver is strongly grounding, balancing and protective. It is a great essential oil to apply onto the solar plexus to protect heavy and/or negative energies from entering your aura. I apply one drop of Vetiver to my foot cream each morning to help me stay grounded for the day.


Sacral Chakra

This Chakra is the centre of imagination, creativity and sexuality. Within the second Chakra babies grow, imaginative projects blossom and creativity flows. It is governed by faith and trust, rather than facts and objects. When this Chakra is in balance we feel connected to our sexuality and embrace sexual desires, we birth creative projects and ideas and can easily tap into their imagination.

Essential oils for the Sacral Chakra

Many essential oils that resonate with this Chakra are aphrodisiac oils.

Jasmine – A deeply sensual and supreme oil. The aroma of this oil is exquisite. For me, Jasmine has a flirtatious character, it stimulates the fire and sexual energy and helps to release inhibitions.

Rose – Softer in energy than Jasmine, but still a powerful oil. Known as the essence of love, Rose is sensual and connects the Yin (soft and gentle) and Yang (passion and fire) reproductive energies in this Chakra. It is a great oil for ‘letting barriers down’.

Orange -  Bright, sweet and uplifting oil with a strong citrus aroma. This orange oil resonates with the colour Orange of this Chakra. It also helps to tap into creativity energy.


Solar Plexus

The third Chakra holds the energy of a persons identity; ‘This is who I am’. ‘This is who I want to be’. ‘This is how I want to be seen in the world’. When this Chakra is in balance we feel confident and safe in our own skin. We think logically and take responsibility for our actions. I’d also like to mention that it is this Chakra where energy is omitted and absorbed, therefore it is important to cleanse and protect the solar plexus daily.  

Essential oils for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Lemon – Zesty, bright and juicy oil. The light playfulness this oil represents resonates with the energy of this Chakra when it is in balance. This yellow oil also resonates with the colour yellow associated with this Chakra. Lemon is a bright and creative oil and works well to bring the solar plexus back into balance from turmoil to creative bliss.

Juniper – Helps to clear away other people’s energies which have attached onto you.

Vetiver – A great essential oil to apply onto the solar plexus to protect heavy and/or negative energies from entering your aura. An excellent blend would be one drop of Juniper and one drop of Vetiver with your choice of carrier oil applied to the solar plexus in an anti-clockwise direction before going into a crowded public place. This will help to protect and balance your energy, as well as cleansing unwanted energies which work their way in.


Heart Chakra

The looooooove hub of the Chakra system. Old habits, trauma and past life experiences are stored here. This Chakra has an important role, it connects the lower three with the higher three, bringing the whole system into unity. When the heart is in balance a person will be guided by the “heart” over “head”, feeling over thought, love over logic.

Essential oils for the Heart Chakra

Rose – A gentle floral aroma, this oil is the essence of love <3 An excellent oil for unblocking limited beliefs, shame and trauma around love. Its healing properties promote self love and kindness to oneself. Rose intensifies the loving energy of the heart Chakra.

Bergamot – A beautiful green essential oil that is used to open the heart Chakra and allow love to radiate out. This oil also helps to work through some blockages between the solar plexus and heart. Rub one drop of Bergamot between these Chakra points.

Melissa – An exquisite oil that helps in times of grief and separation. I made a blend of Melissa and Rose for a client who was going through a painful divorce and she said spending time applying the oils onto her pulse points and inhaling the scent really helped her to manage her to manage the heartbreak. 


Throat Chakra

The throat Chakra is also known as the Holy Grail of the Chakras because it holds all the information from the others.

This Chakra is all about expression, speaking your truth and communication – be it communicating thoughts, feelings, concerns, boundaries, opinions, facts and truths. When in balance we speak up for ourselves and communicate from the heart. We speak lovingly, with confidence and without judgement.

Essential Oils for the Throat Chakra

German (Blue) Chamomile – This blue oil is strongly associated with the throat Chakra, mainly for its colour but also for its ability to enable the truth to be spoken without anger. Roman Chamomile is also a great oil too.   

Myrrh – The energising effects of Myrrh can help somebody who is not speaking their truth from a lack of confidence or fear.


Brow/Third Eye Chakra

Within the sixth Chakra are your eyes, ears and brain; Needless to say this Chakra is all about senses, insight and intuition, although modern day life is making connecting to the powerful energy of this Chakra harder, as there are more obstructions and mental constructs than ever before.

Essential Oils for the Brow Chakra

Rosemary – A cephalic oil which can be used for visualisation and manifestation. Rosemary connects us to our higher self and help us to understand our spiritual truth.

Juniper – Mentioned previously in sacral Chakra section, the cleansing effects of Juniper helps us tap into our clairvoyance and inner knowing. It clears a ‘foggy’ mind and gently nudges us in the right direction.


Crown Chakra

The seventh Chakra connects us to our higher self, our oneness, our purpose and our divine.

Essential Oils for Crown Chakra

Lavender – This purple colour of this herb is closely associated with the colour of this Chakra. The high vibration of Lavender brings us closer to our higher self and spiritual truth. It provides insights and guidance.

Frankincense – Also a base Chakra oil, Frankincense connects us to the Divine within. It brings the base and crown Chakra into union. This is a excellent oil for meditating with when working through challenges and/or obstacles and it also helps to calm a busy and restless mind.


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