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Essential Oil Profile - Lemon

Like all citrus species, Lemon trees are evergreen and produce several crops of fruit a year. Lemon is known as a cure-all oil, especially when it comes to fevers and viral infections. Lemon is actually one of the ingredients used by the 'Four Thieves' during the Black Death in 1413 to protect them against contracting the deadly disease. The aroma of Lemon is zesty, light and uplifting. It's a powerful motivator and blends well with most other essential oils, especially Juniper, Myrtle, Lavender and Cedarwood.
Fruit feature 
Evergreen tree with yellow fruit. 
Part of the fruit used for essential oil
The fruits peel is full of tiny sacs that contain the essential oil.
Extraction method
Lemon is photo toxic; therefore avoid exposure to the direct sunlight when using topically. Lemon is non toxic, non irritating and safe for all skin types. It can be used at as a hydrosol or blended at 0.5% on children. 
Chakra & Crystal
Solar Plexus
Citrine, Golden Calcite, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Tourmaline, Serpentine, lemon/citron Chrysoprase, light-green Jade.
Mind and spirit
Lemon connects you with your divine nature and helps you to identify with aspects of your spiritual body. It will assist with self-confidence and improve your self-esteem. The golden energy of this oil can help you move through whatever challenges or negative emotions are blocking your way to happiness.
Highly anti bacterial, antiviral and antiseptic, Lemon makes a great natural household cleaner. Add a few drops into a mix of water and vinegar to clean floors, surfaces, bathroom and more.  As mentioned above, it is also great to use during times of illness, especially colds, flu and fever. I know of many business offices who diffuse Lemon to keep the working area germ-free. 
Lemon is also very purifying and detoxifying, so great for diffusing in the house to cleanse the air - especially during the Winter months. 
How do you like to use Lemon essential oil?