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YANG Essential Oil Candle - Luna Rose Remedies
YANG Essential Oil Candle - Luna Rose Remedies

YANG Essential Oil Candle

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Enjoy the invigorating aromas of Peppermint, Juniper and Lemon essential oils. YANG represents brightness, creativity and growth, a perfect blend to awaken the senses and lift mood. YANG represents the energy of the New Moon - inspiration and creativity. 


“I am open, energized and confident”.

Peppermint - a wonderful energizing essential oil. Peppermint brings insight and inspiration, as well as sharpens the mind and invokes clarity. The perfect essential oil to uplift and inspire. 

Juniper Berry - a cleansing and detoxifying essential oil. Juniper is said to cleanse your aura and purify the space around you. It is a great essential oil to use in times of transformation and change. 

Lemon - a super uplifting and happy essential oil. Lemon brings out creativity and inspiration from deep within. A highly anti bacterial essential oil making it great to use during cold and flu season. 

All Luna Rose candles are made of soy wax, cotton wick and 100% pure essential oils making them a wonderful alternative to other toxic candles and synthetic fragrance. Essential oils offer a positive effect on mood, emotions and mental well-being. Our metal tin make them super durable, recyclable and travel friendly. This is an excellent candle to burn when working or carrying out creative tasks.

Typically burns for up to 30 + hours. 

Candle Care: 

* Allow the candle to melt across the entire surface on the first burn. This will ensure an even burn for the rest of the candles 'life'. This could take between 2-4 hours.

* Trim wick before every light. Wicks only need to be approx 6mm for burning. 

* Keep candles away from draughts and windy areas. 

* Don't burn candle all the way to the end of the tin. The wick needs a solid base of wax. This also avoids underneath the tin from getting too hot.