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Wild Aromatherapy Body Spray - Luna Rose Remedies

Wild Aromatherapy Body Spray

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A rejuvenating blend of Peppermint, Lemon and Rosemary essential oils formulated to energize, increase concentration and sharpen memory. This mist has been described as 'a cup of coffee in a bottle!'

Pepperminta wonderful energizing essential oil. Peppermint brings insight and inspiration, as well as sharpens the mind and invokes clarity. The perfect essential oil to boost energy and embody creativity. 

Lemona super uplifting and happy essential oil. Lemon brings out creativity and inspiration from deep within. A highly anti bacterial essential oil making it great to use during cold and flu season. 

Rosemary - a powerful stimulating oil. Rosemary increases concentration and sharpens the mind. A great oil to use when feeling fatigue or mentally depleted. 

How to use: Spritz above head and around body, inhale the scent and set the intention of feeling energized and ready for the day… exhale.


** Due to Rosemary content it is not advised to use this blend if pregnant, breastfeeding or epileptic.