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Supporting Mental & Emotional Well Being Using Aromatherapy eBook

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Mental and emotional well being is the ability to manage our thoughts and feelings through challenge and change. 

Stress, depression, anxiety, grief, loss, major change in our live such as becoming a new parent can all affect our mental and emotional well being and how we live our day-to-day life.

In this eBook Amy teaches you how Aromatherapy can help reduce anxiety, stress and/or overwhelm and offer relief to the symptoms experienced. Amy teaches you what exactly happens in the body when under stress and how our nervous system reacts to stress. She also discusses individual essential oils and their uses to specifically supporting mental and emotional well being, as well as simple and easy to follow recipes and self care practices for positive effect on our overall well being. 

This eBook is for you if:

* You are new to aromatherapy and would like to learn how it can help you to manage your own emotional and mental well being.

* You would like to begin using aromatherapy to help manage symptoms related to anxiety, fear, stress and overwhelm. 

* You have tried other methods of treatments to support your emotional and mental well being and would like to give plant remedies a try. 

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