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Rise Up Aromatherapy Body Spray - Luna Rose Remedies

Rise Up Aromatherapy Body Spray

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An invigorating blend of Petitgrain, Lime and Cedarwood essential oils formulated to uplift mood, boost concentration and eases nervous tension in the body.

Petitgrain - an uplifting oil that lifts you out of feeling 'blue' and improve personal power and confidence. Gently eases worries and unwanted stresses away. 

Lime - a joyful, happy, stimulating oil. Lime uplifts and empowers while calming and relieving nervous tension being held in the body.

Cedarwood deeply grounding oil. Cedarwood balances energy and provides a feeling of stability, calmness and confidence.

How to use – Spritz above head and over body, inhale the scent and set the intention of feeling inspired and uplifted… exhale.