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Moon Ritual Gift Set - Luna Rose Remedies
Moon Ritual Gift Set - Luna Rose Remedies
Moon Ritual Gift Set - Luna Rose Remedies
Moon Ritual Gift Set - Luna Rose Remedies

Moon Ritual Gift Set

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Our Moon Ritual gift set is the perfect gift for those who love Le Luna

Each product is the perfectly paired for New and Full moon rituals, honouring the moon cycle, energy healing and sacred practices. Each product compliments the energy of the Full Moon (releasing and grounding) and the New Moon (cleansing, manifesting and new beginnings).

YIN Essential Oil Candle

Earthy scents of Frankincense and Patchouli essential oils. This beautiful blend has been formulated to honour the energy of the Full Moon. Both Frankincense and Patchouli are wonderful grounding, balancing and stablizing oils ideal for meditation, grounding rituals and calming the nervous system. (6oz)

YANG Essential Oil Candle

Energizing scents of Peppermint, Lemon and Juniper. This invigorating blend of essential oils has been formulated to honour the energy of the New Moon. Juniper and Lemon are super cleansing oils and Peppermint energizes and inspires new intentions ready for the new month ahead. (6oz)

Chakra Gemstone Set

Each of the seven main Chakras in the human body corresponds to a specific gemstone. These gemstones can be used as part of a meditation practice to help balance and align the energy flow, create an energy grid, or used as part of a Chakra healing bath. Each drawstring pouch contains seven polished gemstones of various shapes and sizes that correspond to each Chakra.

Cleanse Yoga And Meditation Mist

A super cleansing blend of Sage and Frankincense essential oils. Both of these oils hold a deep spiritual energy and are perfect to use within your yoga and/or meditation practice. Use this mist to spray down and clean your yoga mat before and after practice, mist your space and aura to cleanse the energy around you, or use to deepen the connection to your spiritual and mindful practices. (60ml)

Grounding Oil Roll - On 

Find your centre whenever you go with this earthy blend of essential oils formulated to ground and balance your energy and bring a sense of peace and harmony. (10ml)

Patchouli – Has a very grounding effect, and helps those who tend to live ‘in their heads’.

Frankincense – Resonates with both base and the crown Charka. It helps us to understand the unity of body and spirit. Also deeply grounding and stabilizes energy.

How to use: Roll onto temples and pulse points. Inhale the scent. A perfect addition to your yoga and meditation practice. 

 * Gift set beautifully packaged with botanical goodness inside.