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Her Luna Aromatherapy Body Spray - Luna Rose Remedies

Her Luna Aromatherapy Body Spray

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An exquisite blend of Geranium, Cypress, Rose and German Chamomile essential oils formulated to offer comfort during a menstruation and support mood changes throughout the month. An excellent aromatherapy blend to support hormone balance. 

Geranium - re-balancing hormones and uplifts mood. Geranium is a sweet and floral oil which can offer stability to the menstrual cycle. One of the best oils to use to support symptoms associated with postpartum anxiety and depression.

Cypress -  soothes and relaxes achy muscles and cramps associated with menstruation. Cypress is a nourishing and comforting oil and will offer relief to the highs and lows in mood and emotions during the month.

Rose - an exquisite oil which embodies the energy of the feminine. Honours and protects the female emotional body and supports hormonal changes throughout the month.

German Chamomile - hormone balancing and excellent ally to support menstrual cramps, achy muscles and moon changes.

How to use: Spritz above head and over bare abdomen. Inhale the scent, taking 3-4 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.