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Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Roll On - Luna Rose Remedies
Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Roll On - Luna Rose Remedies

HEART Essential Oil Perfume

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HEART has been formulated with 100% pure essential oils to embody feminine energy. HEART has a floral top note scent with soothing citrus to compliment. 

Rose – The essence of love. This oil intensifies the loving energy of the heart chakra and is deeply healing, especially in times of emotional pain and grief.

Bergamot – Opens the heart and evokes feminine energy. Energizing and enlivening.

How to use: Roll onto temples, pulse points and heart. Inhale the scent.

Please note: We use FCF Bergamot essential oil which means this blend is not photo sensitive. 

The benefits of essential oil perfume

Essential oil perfumes offers a natural and aromatic alternative to conventional fragrances, harnessing the therapeutic properties of plant extracts to not only delight the senses but also benefit overall well-being. HEART essential oil perfume is crafted from pure essential oils, each possessing its own unique scent profile and therapeutic effects. Unlike synthetic fragrances that may contain harsh chemicals, HEART essential oil perfume is gentle on the skin and free from artificial additives, making it suitable for even the most sensitive individuals.