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Group Learning & Making Workshop - Luna Rose Remedies

Group Learning & Making Workshop

Regular price $250.00

Learn about aromatherapy and make your own custom remedy with your girlfriends. Sounds like fun? Have Amy host a 90 minute workshop at your home or venue to learn all about aromatherapy.

What is covered:

* Benefits of five most commonly used essential oils and how to use them.

* How to integrate plant remedies into your daily live.

* The safety of using aromatherapy and essential oils including contra-indications and proper dilution rates for specific products.  

* Self care practices custom to your needs.

* Each person will make a custom roller blend according to their specific needs.

Group Learning & Making Workshop is 90 minutes and price is $250 and limited to maximum of six people. Price includes a custom roller blend for each attendee. 

To book a Group Leaning & Making Workshop please contact Amy through the form below with your details and preferred date. Amy will email you to confirm a time.


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