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Dream Aromatherapy Pillow Spray - Luna Rose Remedies

Dream Aromatherapy Pillow Spray

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A dreamy blend of Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Bergamot essential oils formulated to calm the mind, body and soul before bed. An excellent blend of essential oils to promote a restful night's sleep, or to when wanting to calm the mind.

Lavender - a deeply relaxing and uplifting essential oil. Lavender calms the mind and brings the body back into harmony.

Roman Chamomile - one of the best stress relieving oils. Calms the incessant chatter in the mind and brings a sense of peace and calm.  

Bergamotan uplifting oil which promotes positive thoughts and feelings and brings about a sense of calm to the mind, body and soul.  

How to use: Spritz above head, around body and onto pillow and bed linen. Inhale the scent and set the intention of a good night’s sleep… exhale.