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Brow Chakra Aromatherapy Roll On

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BROW has been formulated with essential oils to strengthen your intuition and offers insight and understanding.


Rosemary - Used with intent, this oil will connect with higher levels of the mind and bring clarity to understanding spiritual truths.

Juniper – Assists with clairvoyance.

How to use: Roll onto temples, pulse points and 3rd eye. Inhale the scent.

Information on the Brow Chakra

Location: Forehead, right between the eyebrows

Colour: Indigo

Crystals associated with this Chakra: Sodalite, Amethyst, Flourite, Azurite, Opal, Sapphire.

Attributes: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, the ability to think and make decisions, self-realisation and repressing negative thoughts.