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Cleanse : Yoga & Meditation Aromatherapy Spray

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A inspiring and purifying blend of Sage and Frankincense essential oils to cleanse  energy and space around you. Perfect addition to your yoga and meditation practice.

Sage - a deeply purifying essential oil that has been used for thousands of years to cleanse negative energy and purify environment. Sage also reduces anxiety and raises vibration.

Frankincense - an exquiste essential oil. It helps to increase confidence and focus while grounding and stabilizing energy. Frankincense is the ultimate oil for meditation and other mindfulness practices as it helps you to align yourself with compassion, inner peace and love.

How to use: Spritz above head, over body and the space around you before, during or after yoga practice, mediation or other rituals. You can also use this mist to cleanse crystals and gemstone jewellery.